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An authentic brand & impactful website is created on-purpose and with intention.

86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor in deciding what brands they like and support. The problem is building an authentic brand by yourself is hard. You didn’t start your business so you could spend hours trying to learn difficult design programs. You started your business so that you could have a meaningful impact. We help creative entrepreneurs like you craft an authentic brand that your customers love and support.

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Your journey with us

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Discover your human & the role you play in their story

Too many businesses see their customers as phone numbers and email addresses. Your customers are humans and they should be seen and spoken to as so.

Craft an authentic brand that is meaningful

Nothing brings in more raving fans than authentic, meaningful branding. After we discover your human, we craft a brand that resonates with them and is authentic to you.

Develop an impactful website that provokes action

Websites are meant to do a lot more than just look pretty. They are meant to tell your human who you are, build a relationship, and provoke action.

"I’m not sure where PRISM would be today without you guys. You were able to take who we are and do with it what no one else was able to do. AND you gave me back some time that I desperately needed."

Julie | PRISM

"It is above and beyond what we expected. We, as owners, can now proudly stand behind this message and image they created about us."

Eddie & Karen | Broward Natives

"Luveaux & Company has been extraordinary in understanding our audience and implementing new campaigns and procedures that have incredibly boosted sales dollars."

Abe | Smoke Inn

"Mikayla and Doug are, in a word, wonderful! They are talented and responsive, straight-shooters, and transparent about all processes. They are warm, friendly, and patient - especially with non-tech people like me. Highly Recommend!"

Laine | Parenting Coach

The process

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We’ll get on the phone and discuss what exactly you are looking for, the goals you are trying to hit, and what has you stuck.

Discover Your Human

Your customers are more than data in a system, they are humans! We’ll discover who your human is and the role you play in their story.

Craft An Authentic Brand

Authentic branding is the key to elevating your business. After we discover your human we’ll create branding that keeps you both in mind.

Launch An Impactful Website

The most impactful websites are the ones that communicate the clearest. We know how to use words that guide your human to action.

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Crafting authentic branding and impactful websites is tough, especially when graphic design and web development aren’t your forté.

We’ve seen plenty of small business owners and entrepreneurs try to do their own branding and even design/develop their own site. Some are able to do it successfully, but most people become frustrated and not satisfied with what they created.

It’s not their fault though.

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Our Services

Authentic Branding

Authentic Branding Is A Strong Foundation

We believe that an authentic brand is more than just “pretty”. It’s intentional, meaningful, and authentic. Whether you have a small budget or a big budget, we have branding options for you.

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Impactful Websites

An Impactful Website For An Authentic Brand

Impactful websites are websites that provoke action from your potential customers. Your beautiful branding deserves to be displayed on a website that has impact.

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Maximizing Your Homepage: 7 Expert Tips To Boost User Engagement

A free guide that will help you maximize your website’s homepage and increase user engagement. More user engagement means more money - who doesn’t like that?