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arketing is tough and unfortunately it’s the reason a lot of businesses fail. Our CEO, Mikayla, grew up watching her father run a business. He had a ton of passion, worked late nights, missed big events. Unfortunately, his company had to shut down all because he didn't have the right marketing. When that happened Mikayla made the decision to learn how to market products and services the right way so that passionate business owners didn't have to worry about closing up shop.

Through Bachelor’s Degrees, internships, and full time positions at marketing agencies, we became educated in sales & marketing. With all of that experience and training we started Luveaux & Company and we have one mission: Make Marketing Easy! We firmly believe that it’s not your job to be focusing on marketing your business, you should be focusing on the things you actually love doing. Through this strong belief we have been able to help business owners get their Marketing Made Easy and by doing that, we’ve seen their business not only grow, but they’ve saved a lot of time along the way.

Getting your Marketing Made Easy is as simple as 1, 2, 3:
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  • We’ll Make A Plan
  • Get Things Sold

You don’t have to do this marketing thing alone anymore. You don’t have to try to become an expert in something you hate doing. If you’re ready to get your Marketing Made Easy then Schedule A Call with us today! You have an amazing product or service and marketing it should be easy!

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StoryBrand Certified Guide

Glad to see you noticed the badge! What that badge means for you is that you are receiving revolutionary marketing strategies that will get your customers to actually listen!

Storybrand, with Donald Miller as it’s leader, has helped over 10,000 companies clarify their message and implement marketing strategies that actually work.

Luveaux and Company has taken the time to be trained by Donald Miller and his team at Storybrand and continues to be consistently educated to ensure that you and your company are getting what you deserve - more leads, more money, and ultimately, more time!

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