5 DIY Logo Design Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of

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echnology is amazing. Twenty years ago, the thought of having a computer in your pocket was insane. Creating cars that could drive themselves was something you read in a science fiction book. Having the ability to design graphics was something you had to hire a professional to do. That’s not the case anymore! Our phones are now just as powerful as our desktops at home. Our cars drive themselves. And now, you no longer need professional graphic designers to design for you. 

We’re here for all of it! Especially the graphic design one.

Now we get how that may sound weird coming from an agency that specializes in branding and graphic design. It sounds weird to us NGL, nevertheless, it’s true. We are all for creative entrepreneurs taking on the task of doing their own branding, specifically logo design.

In this short blog, we’re going to talk about the five things that (almost) all DIY logos get wrong. We hope that through reading this, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of what NOT to do when designing your own logo. Let’s do this thing!

Wrong Thing #1: Relatability

  • Your logo has design elements that only resonate with you
  • Your logo uses too obscure or creative graphics

Wrong Thing #2: Personality

  • Your logo uses a color palette that conveys the wrong personality (ie. red and orange for a massage spa)
  • Your font conveys the wrong personality (ie. a very formal, classy font for a kid’s daycare center)

Wrong Thing #3: Simplicity

  • Your logo has a lot of different elements
  • Your logo has too many colors
  • Your logo has too long of a tagline (if you choose to have a tagline in your logo)

Wrong Thing #4: Spacing

  • Your logo has uneven spacing amongst all its elements

Wrong Thing #5: Usability

  • Your logo only works in one marketing channel (ie. your logo looks great on your website, but looks bad on your social platforms)

Alright, buckle up. Here comes a resource plug.

We know that this blog was really short. If you are wanting to do a deeper dive into these 5 common DIY logo mistakes or you want to know how to fix them we have a FREE resource for you!

Our 5 Mistakes (Almost) All DIY Logos Get Wrong resource will dive deeper into the Wrong Things and it will show you how to fix them. The resource is free and we even included videos of our CEO, Mikayla, fixing a pretty bad logo. If you’re considering or even in the process of DIY-ing your own logo, this FREE resource will help you a lot. Download it today.

Okay, resource plug over. We hear you through your screen sighing in relief. 

But for real, download the resource. It’s a damn good one! It’s going to help you save money and crush your DIY logo.

written by:
Doug Luna

5 things that (almost) all DIY logos get wrong and how to fix them

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