How To Become A Font Pairing Professional

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id you know that there are over half a million fonts in existence? Most people only know of a few fonts. 

When it comes to your branding, it is completely normal to have two different fonts. Having two different fonts is a great way to help you differentiate yourself from others. It can also elevate the professionalism of your brand. But pairing fonts can be a little tricky. In this blog, we’re going to give you a few tips that will help you pair fonts together so that your branding/logo looks professional.

01. Pair Two Fonts From The Same Font Family

  • There are 5 different font families: serif, sans serif, cursive, fantasy, and monospace. Picking one font family to work with can not only save you time but also allows you to have fonts that work well together. 

Pro Tip: When choosing your fonts, look for fonts that have varying style options (weight, light, bold, cap sizes, etc.)

Chunky Fonts Pair Well With Skinny Fonts

  • When pairing fonts, contrast is your friend. But not too much contrast. Pairing a chunky font with a skinny font is the type of contrast that works great! The reason why it works so well is that the reader can distinguish between the two fonts. They can understand that each font plays a specific role.

Use Serif And Sans Serif Together

  • Now, this may sound contradicting to the first tip. It is. There are always exceptions to rules. Pairing a serif font with a sans serif font is one of our favorite types of font pairings. You can see here how we did it for one of our clients. This is another example of how subtle contrast makes a big difference in design. Just be careful not to make it too contrasting. Too much, and it will quickly become unappealing. 

Make Sure Your Fonts Are Legible

  • When searching for fonts, you may stumble across the most beautiful font you’ve ever seen. From the second you lay eyes on it you know it was meant for you. But (very big but), if you find yourself struggling to read the font then it’s not the font for you. Pairing fonts are meant to enhance your brand. Illegible fonts do the opposite of enhancing brands. They make your audience confused. Trust us, your audience isn’t going to take time to try and figure out what your logo says. Only pair fonts that are legible. 

With this new knowledge, you are ready to go out there and pair fonts like a professional. When done right, the professionalism of your brand skyrockets. Now go out there and start pairing fonts. Your brand will thank you.

written by:
Doug Luna

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