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Stop Waiting For Opportunities, Create Them

1.5 mins.

No one likes my posts…”, “I can’t believe how many followers I DON’T have…”.

If you’re a small business or startup, you’ve probably found yourself saying this. I get it. I get it too well. 

Welcome back to another entry in our Real Talk blog. Today’s entry is all about perspective.

Mikayla and I hate social media. We both find it exhausting trying to come up with content week after week after week after…you get it. That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is doing all that planning, strategizing, and scheduling only to get microscopic engagement. It’s heartbreaking and very defeating. Where the hell is all the engagement?

A couple of months ago, Mikayla and I took a course from a mentor in our industry. He said, “Don’t wait for engagement. Go engage first.” I remember pausing the video and looking at Mikayla, eyes wide and jaw dropped. What an insanely simple idea. Stop sitting around waiting for engagement on social media. Go out there and create engagement.

This got me thinking deeper. Isn’t this the same thing we do in life? Sometimes we sit around and wait for things to happen for us. We wait on that new business idea, or the next deal for our business. We wait, and surprisingly, we find ourselves surprised that nothing has happened. 


Do you want more engagement on social media? Go create engagement by interacting with people on there. Do you want more leads for your business? Find out where your ideal leads are and go get them. 

Mikayla and I have shifted our perspective to this and have seen immediate results in our business. From getting daily DM messages on Instagram to stirring up more business with past clients. Mikayla and I are done waiting for things to happen. We’re now making things happen.

Thank you for attending my TED Talk.

written by:
Doug Luna

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