The Art Of Building A Good Color Palette For Your Brand

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utting together a good color palette for your brand is no easy task. So many colors. So many combinations. So many headaches. 

If just the thought of choosing colors makes you sweat, this blog was written just for you. We’re going to give you the exact kind of colors to look for when building your brand’s color palette.

Suggested amount of colors: 5-8 colors 

Accent Color - 1-2 Colors

  • These are colors that will be used sparingly. The purpose of these colors is to grab someone’s attention. Using this color for things like your Call To Action buttons on your website is perfect!

Dark Color - 1-2 Colors

  • Depending on your brand’s mood, having a couple of dark colors in your color palette is a good idea. If your brand’s mood is light and airy for example, having 1 or 2 dark colors would complement the aesthetic. You could implement those dark colors with things like your font coloring on your business card or a darker background color for different sections on your website. 

Lighter Color - 1-2 Colors

  • The contrast between dark colors and light colors can really elevate your brand’s color palette. If your brand’s aesthetic is on the darker side you should consider adding 1 or 2 lighter colors to balance it out. Think about places you could add variations of white or light grays in your branding.

Nude Color - 1 Color

  • Nude colors are the most neutral colors on the color wheel. This means that they pair well with a lot of colors. Colors that are related to nude are brown, white, tan, and beige.

Variations of your color - As Many as you want  

  • It’s never a bad idea to have variations of your colors in your color palette. This allows for a wider range of colors to be used in your branding while still being on brand. An example would be if your accent color is Orange, you could have a lighter Orange as a variation.

These are the types of colors to look for when building your brand’s color palette. One of our favorite resources for finding color palettes is  It’s a great site that allows you to generate color palettes at the click of a button (LITERALLY).  You can also go to Canva - pop in a picture on the canvas that represents your brand's mood, and then Canva will auto-generate a color palette based on that image. 

Use this blog as a guide to help you build a strong color palette for your brand! DM us on Instagram with any questions! 

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