What Exactly Is A Sales Funnel?

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f you've taken any business courses or been on a business webinar you've probably heard this sales funnel term. It sure does sound cool but actually understanding what it is can be confusing. It's probably why you're here reading this right now. We get that it can be confusing so we want to take you step by step through what exactly a sales funnel is.

A Website That Works

It all starts with a website. Websites these days are expensive! It takes A LOT of work to design them and develop them. The problem that a lot of businesses have that they don't even realize is, they put too much focus on how good the website looks rather than how good the messaging is on the website. They pay thousands of dollars to graphic design artists who have degrees in design and high certifications in Photoshop, but they have no idea how to sell a product or service. Donald Miller, CEO & Founder of Business Made Simple University says it best, “People buy things only after they read words that make them want to buy those things.” The best way to ensure that your website is working for you and not against you is to make sure that your messaging is clear. When people land on your site within the first ten seconds they should be able to know what exactly you do, how will it make their life better, and what do they need to do to get it. If you can do that then you have a strong website that works!

Lead Generator

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These sound pretty catchy right? They're supposed to and you usually see these as a pop up on websites. They flash this title in front of you and they say, "Just provide your email address and you'll get the guide directly to your inbox!" This is what we call a Lead Generator. The main purpose of the Lead Generator is to... well...generate leads! They are usually free and the only thing that the person needs to provide is their email address. The rule of thumb is that people will feel comfortable giving their email in exchange for something that could be valued between $15-$20. If you can find that sweet spot your leads will multiply. Lead Generators are great, and must have tools for any sales funnel because it's the first commitment that a customer must take to start engaging with your brand/business. 

Email Campaigns

Now you have all these email addresses, what do you do now? Email them of course! There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is really hard and requires you to write out emails and then manually send the emails out. The other way is super easy and definitely the only way to do it! You get yourself a CRM/Email system and you put all the emails that you captured into an automated email campaign. Many businesses use Mailchimp and it's very affordable and can get simple jobs done, but the best software that we love and use for our own business is ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is very versatile and the automations are very customizable. If someone opens an email they can down an email automation path that looks very different from someone who didn't open that email. Regardless of the email software you choose we strongly suggest that it allows for automations because honestly, your time is very valuable and you don't need to spend it on manually sending out emails every week.

The More You Know

This is what a sales funnel is. It's a very powerful tool that takes business farther than they ever imagined possible. Sales funnels are great but what makes them amazing is when they are fully automated. We specialize in building fully automated sales funnels because we believe that you should spend less time manually managing your business and spend more time doing the things you actually love doing. When your sales funnels are fully automated your business works for you while you're at your son's baseball game, your daughter's ballet recital, your family road trip and even while you sleep. If you are interested in making your marketing easy by implementing an automated sales funnel then Schedule A Call with us! We would love to help you make your marketing easy!

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Doug Luna

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