What Is Brand ROI?

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hen making any kind of investment, you want to see a return on investment (ROI). Whether it’s Bitcoin, the stock market, or real estate - you want to see some sort of ROI. 

Did you know that your branding is an investment you could see an ROI on? It’s true. But the question is…

What The Hell Is Brand ROI?

Measuring ROI on investments like real estate is easier to see than measuring ROI on branding for your business. Branding ROI is not as tangible, but that’s why we wrote this blog.

Here are a few tangible signs that you are getting an ROI on your branding:

  • Word of mouth recommendations
  • Increased awareness & reach
  • Increased traffic & conversions
  • Improved reputation
  • Gaining brand advocates
  • Growth of your business

But this kind of ROI doesn’t come from any type of branding. The best-proven way to get a good ROI on your branding is to invest in professional branding.

What The Hell Is Professional Branding?

We’ve heard so many stories about how other business owners thought that they didn’t need to get professional branding. 

To them, professional branding was jumping onto Canva and pulling a template that thousands of other people have access to, and “designing” something from that.

To others, professional branding meant hiring their nephew’s friend’s cousin for $100 and moving forward with whatever they got back.

We’ll be honest with you, professional branding isn’t the most affordable service out there. We know that. But the benefits of it are astounding and the ROI is unbelievable.

A business could increase its revenue by 23% simply by presenting its brand cohesively across all its marketing channels. When you get your branding professionally done, you can cohesively showcase your brand easier.

All Of That To Say

Getting an ROI on your investments is important. A proven way to get a significant ROI on your branding investment is to get professional branding. With professional branding, your brand ROI will look like business growth, increased reputation, increased sales, and all the other things we listed above. 

We have a professional branding service called One Week Branding. It is a 7-day professional branding service designed for business owners who need branding to be quick and affordable. If you would like to learn more about One Week Branding, click here.

written by:
Doug Luna

How Professional Branding Could Be Your Biggest ROI

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