Building Curiosity for Your Business


s a business owner you deserve to have your business grow and one way to do that is by building Curiosity For Your Business.

Curiosity. It might be what killed the cat but it’s also what helps businesses build strong relationships with their customers. In this resource we want to teach you how to always be building Curiosity For Your Business. More curiosity means more business and who doesn’t love more business?

The relationship you go through with your customer goes through 3 stages: 

  1. Curiosity
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Commitment

Now the way you bring your customers through each of these stages the right way is through a Sales Funnel. What we’re doing in this resource is building a practical tool that will get your potential customers into the first stage of a relationship - Curiosity. (If you want to dive into the depths of creating a Sales Funnel, we recommend reading the book “Marketing Made Simple” by Donald Miller. He explains what a Sales Funnel is and exactly how to build one.)

So where does it all start?

It starts with the words you use to talk about your business. And you may be asking, can something this simple actually create massive amounts of curiosity for my business? You bet it can. In this day and age people don’t pay attention to the products or services that don’t peak their curiosity. Your customer is being served over 5,000 commercial ads every single day. If you aren’t using the right words to peak their curiosity you are losing potential sales. 

So we want to show you how to always be building curiosity for your business and take it to the next level, but first, for this to work, we need to give you some insight into how your customer was psychologically designed.

The human brain is simply amazing! It can do so many different things but at the end of the day your brain, our brain, your customer’s brain is designed to do two things above everything else:

  1. Survive and Thrive
  2. Conserve Calories

Survive & Thrive:

Survive & Thrive is a basic instinct that all humans have, but what does it mean? Great question! Everyday all of us are looking for new information around us that will help us:

  1. Increase our standing in life
  2. Make more money
  3. Have more joy

The list goes on, but we are always looking for solutions around us that will take us to the next level.

That’s why you downloaded this resource! You’re looking to increase the standing of your business and take it to the next level. Helping your customers Survive & Thrive is awesome but there’s a problem…

Conserve Calories:

In order for humans to process all the information around them they have to burn mental calories to process new information. 

Now imagine that every piece of information you give someone about your business is a bowling ball. How many bowling balls can a single person hold? The can definitely hold one. For sure two. Once they get handed the third bowling ball, they drop them all.

Your customers want simple, relevant information about your product/service that is easy for them to understand so that they can Conserve Calories. 

At the end of the day you have to help your potential customer understand how you can help them Survive & Thrive and do it in such a simple way that they are able to Conserve Calories.

The average person spends about 30% of their time daydreaming except for when they are engaged in story. On the next page we are going to take the first steps towards building a story your customer’s want to engage in. If you want to build a full story for your brand that takes your customer’s through the 3 stages of a relationship - Curiosity, Enlightenment, and Commitment, we recommend the two following books written by Donald Miller, CEO of Storybrand. “Building a Storybrand” will guide you through what words to use to communicate your message and “Marketing Made Simple” will guide you through how to actually communicate these words (through what we talked about earlier, A Sales Funnel). We’ll have both of these books and information on both of them towards the end of this resource.  

Now that you know the science behind building curiosity for your business we can now move into the next page where we give you the secret formula! The Secret Formula that will help you start building curiosity for your business right now!

The Secret Formula

Building curiosity for your business isn’t always easy. We know that because we’ve been there. Thankfully though we found a simple formula that we use to test any company’s message. The formula is:

  1. What problem does your product/service solve?
  2. How is your product/service the solution to that problem?
  3. What is the lifelong benefit that your product/service provides to the consumer?

Answering these three questions will help you to develop a short but powerful phrase that we like to call a Oneliner. This oneliner can be used anywhere to build curiosity for your business. From the bio section on your business Instagram page to face-to-face networking events! Let’s make it practical with an example:

Bob & Joe are both personal trainers at a gym. They both get invited to a local networking event and they both see it as an opportunity to stir up some more business. Bob is networking and is constantly getting asked what he does. He answers, “I’m a personal trainer at a gym nearby!” and hands them a business card. Joe is networking as well and gets asked the same question. He answers, “Well, you know how people struggle to go to the gym because they don’t have anyone to keep them truly accountable to going? I’m a personal trainer and I help people stay accountable so that they ultimately hit their fitness goals and feel amazing!” and hands them a business card.

Who do you think is going to get more calls the next day? 

Well hopefully it’s clear to you that Joe will have is phone ringing off the hook because he’s building curiosity with his oneliner. His personal training service solves the problem of people not going to the gym because they have no one to hold them accountable. His personal training service is the solution to that problem. The lifelong benefits that Joe’s customers will receive if they use his service are getting healthier, hitting their fitness goals and feeling amazing! 

Joe is killing the game and building tons of curiosity for his business!

To Sum It All Up:

So there you have it, the secret formula for building curiosity for your business. If your current messaging doesn’t answer your customers problem, solution and benefit questions, then your message is NOT BUILDING CURIOSITY and YOU ARE losing potential customers. 

Thankfully though it doesn’t have to be this way anymore! Schedule A Call with us today! We want to help you build curiosity for your business so that you stop losing potential customers. You’ll be glad you called!

Action Step: Now let’s take everything you just learned and create a powerful oneliner for your business! Download the template to start the secret formula worksheet. Follow the worksheet to discover the problem, solution, and benefit that surrounds your product. By the end, you will have a oneliner that will be the answer to “What do you do”. It can be put on every business card, email signature and memorized by every employee. Whenever someone encounters the problem you solve, they’ll run to you because you clearly said you can solve the problem and give them a better life. TIP: Don’t worry about transitions or forming any sentences (that’s for the last page). For the first three pages, simply brain dump all that you’re thinking!