5 things that (almost) all DIY logos get wrong and how to fix them

So you want to design your own logo? We love that! Before you get started though, download our FREE guide. We'll walk you through 5 things that (almost) all DIY logos get wrong. We'll also show you how to fix them. This guide will help you create the best professional looking logo you've always wanted!

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How to utilize CANVA to fix or create your DIY Logo

#IYKYK investing in a custom brand can cost a pretty penny. And sometimes that investment amount just literally isn't in the bank account! This leads a lot of creative entrepreneurs down the road of DIYing their logo. And guess what! WE ARE HERE FOR IT! Sometimes though when you DIY your logo it can lack the finesse a professional designer provides. The thing is the professionalism of your logo and ultimately your brand shouldn’t suffer because you don’t know the ins and outs of design! We understand the frustration!

Well we’ve seen a lot of DIY logos over here at Luveaux and we have found 5 things that (almost) every DIY logo gets wrong! And guess what… we are not only telling you what they are but we are also providing 5 (short) videos where Mikayla walks you through how to fix them! And yes, she makes the fixes in Canva.

No complicated design programs!
No hour long tutorial videos!
Just 5 Wrongs and their 5 Quick Fixes.

What you can expect:


Takes Less Than 10 Minutes To Read


Videos Are A Part Of The Guide (THANK GOD)


Practical Steps You Can Take Right Now

60% of consumers avoid brands that have odd, unattractive, or unappealing logos, regardless if they received good reviews.

Our FREE guide will help you fix your logo so people engage with your brand instead of avoid it

Creating your own logo is a task not for the faint of heart. We know that our guide will be a great resource for you as you create the most kick-ass logo (that’s free of these 5 mistakes).

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