Deveau Financial

Deveau Financial is a financial services company that offers custom financial planning and asset management. They’ve been in the financial industry for awhile and what they’ve noticed is how many cookie cutter financial planning and asset management solutions there are. They are on a mission to provide solutions that are custom to each person and their financial goals.


What they needed:

They came to us needing custom branding, a business card, and a branded letterhead. The biggest problem they were facing was having the time to do all of this themselves. They tried, but quickly realized how difficult it is trying to create your own branding while also running a business.

We were able to come in and give them their time back through creating their branding and the associated collateral pieces they needed.


  • Strategy
  • Custom Brand Identity
  • Brand Collateral

Phase 01: Brand Strategy

In this phase, we discovered exactly what Deveau Financial was looking for when it came to their branding. We did this through our comprehensive brand questionnaire and a strategy meeting.

For their branding, they wanted to resonate with two types of people - millennials and older business professionals. It was crucial for us to strategize how to bridge the gap between those two audiences with branding that attracted both audiences.

To see a brand strategy example, click here.

Phase 02: Identity Design

In this phase, we designed a concept that was based on the filled out brand questionnaire and our strategy meeting. We took this concept and created a brand proof to present to the client in our Brand Reveal Meeting.

To see a brand proof example, click here.

Phase 03: Collateral

In this phase, we created two pieces of collateral that Deveau Financial requested. They are very active at their local Chamber of Commerce and they wanted something that they could hand out to potential clients/connections.

We created a business card and a branded letterhead. Since their business card is something that will be passing out a lot, we knew it needed to be something that wow-ed people. We went with an all black business card and had a Spot UV feature placed on the title of the business. This worked great to help elevate the luxury feel of the brand.

For the letterhead, we kept it modern and simple. We created this in Google Docs so it will be easy to access the letterhead whenever and wherever.

Phase 04: Delivery

In this phase, we finalized all the design files and we created a brand guidelines. We wanted to make sure Deveau Financial was set up for success when they launched with their new branding.

To see a brand guidelines example, click here.


Deveau Financial had a ribbon cutting ceremony at their local Chamber of Commerce.  They were able to showcase their new branding to other local chamber members, make connections, and ultimately launch their businesses with confidence.

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