PRISM Collective

PRISM Collective is an online community of women who are looking to grow in their influence within their communities. They wanted to create a safe online space where women can ask questions, get answers, and grow in their influence. Julie, the founder, is constantly creating content and resources for her community of women and giving each of them a voice.


What They Needed

PRISM Collective came to us needing strategy, custom brand identity, collateral, custom website design, and website development. They came to us with a logo, but they did not have a complete brand (color palette, mood boards, submarks, brand marks). The biggest problem that Julie and her PRISM Collective team faced was not having the time or capability to do their own branding.

We were able to come in with our design expertise and give them a complete brand that they love and are proud of. This is what Julie had to say about it:

“I’m not sure where PRISM would be today without you guys. You were able to take who we are and do with it what no one else was able to do. AND you gave me back some time that I desperately needed.”


Phase 01: Brand Strategy

In this phase, we discovered exactly what PRISM Collective was looking for when it came to their branding. We did this through our comprehensive brand questionnaire and a strategy meeting. 

For their branding, they wanted to target 4 types of women - women in the marketplace, the church, on college campuses, and in families. This is a broad audience and we had to strategize a way to bring in all 4 audiences with the branding.

To see a brand strategy example, click here.

Phase 02: Identity Design

In this phase, we designed a concept that was based on the filled-out brand questionnaire and our strategy meeting. We took this concept and created a brand proof to present to the client in our Brand Reveal Meeting.

For PRISM Collective, we took their existing logo which was a line art drawing of a heart. We created different colored shapes from the heart to represent diversity. Each shape is beautiful on its own, but when they all come together they create something even more beautiful - a heart-shaped prism. We also utilized a lot of different line art drawings to represent the softer, more feminine side of PRISM Collective.

To see a brand proof example, click here.

Phase 03: Collateral

In this phase, we created a custom-designed email campaign and a lead-generating PDF. With PRISM Collective being a primarily online experience, it was important to have digital assets that could be accessed 24/7. This aligns with one of PRISM Collective’s pillars of being able to have space to grow at your own pace.

The email campaign we designed and wrote is an automated 8 email sequence that nurtures leads and then begins to sell them on joining PRISM Collective. These emails implemented all of the different elements of PRISM Collective’s brand - from line art to shapes to elegant cursive typography. 

The lead-generating PDF we designed is teaching women practical ways they can make space in 4 different areas of their life. We also made the PDF interactive so that women would be able to journal in it on either desktop, laptop, iPad, or phone.

Phase 04: Delivery

In this phase, we finalized all the design files and we created a brand guidelines. We wanted to make sure Julie and the PRISM Collective team were set up for success when they launched with their new branding. 

To see a brand guidelines example, click here.


PRISM Collective is getting ready to launch officially in October 2022. Unfortunately, COVID had an impact on PRISM Collective’s initial launch plans in 2020. In October of 2022, Julie and her team will be hosting a live PRISM conference in South Florida, and she will officially launch the site at the end of the conference.

"I’m not sure where PRISM would be today without you guys. You were able to take who we are and do with it what no one else was able to do. AND you gave me back some time that I desperately needed."

Julie | PRISM

"It is above and beyond what we expected. We, as owners, can now proudly stand behind this message and image they created about us."

Eddie & Karen | Broward Natives

"Luveaux & Company has been extraordinary in understanding our audience and implementing new campaigns and procedures that have incredibly boosted sales dollars."

Abe | Smoke Inn

"Mikayla and Doug are, in a word, wonderful! They are talented and responsive, straight-shooters, and transparent about all processes. They are warm, friendly, and patient - especially with non-tech people like me. Highly Recommend!"

Laine | Parenting Coach