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Quantum Sound Therapy

Quantum Sound Therapy Website Upgrade

Quantum Sound Therapy is a truly amazing company that sells products that people like Tony Robbins use in their home! So when Helena, the co-founder of Quantum Sound Therapy, came to us confused and frustrated about having an 80% bounce rate on her website we totally understood what she was feeling. She had also been introduced to the StoryBrand Framework only to get burned twice by two other StoryBrand Certified Guides. StoryBrand had left a pretty sour taste in her mouth, but when she found us she decided to give it one more shot. After scheduling a call with us we were able to deliver to her 1 Clear Message, 1 Lead Generator, and 1 E-Commerce Website That Works. Now Helena is ecstatic with her new site! Before she even launched the new site she ended up picking up a big speaking gig because someone saw how great her site looked and how clear the messaging was!

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