The 5-Minute Calm Kit

The Problem: The 5 Minute Calm Kit is an offer that we built for Laine Lipsky. She is a parenting coach who specializes in teaching parents how to handle strong willed kids. She came to us needing branding for her offer.

The Solution: We took Laine through our entire branding process. We discovered her human and clarified her offer's messaging. From there we created branding for her offer and all of it's internal elements.

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"I’m not sure where PRISM would be today without you guys. You were able to take who we are and do with it what no one else was able to do. AND you gave me back some time that I desperately needed."

Julie | PRISM

"It is above and beyond what we expected. We, as owners, can now proudly stand behind this message and image they created about us."

Eddie & Karen | Broward Natives

"Luveaux & Company has been extraordinary in understanding our audience and implementing new campaigns and procedures that have incredibly boosted sales dollars."

Abe | Smoke Inn

"Mikayla and Doug are, in a word, wonderful! They are talented and responsive, straight-shooters, and transparent about all processes. They are warm, friendly, and patient - especially with non-tech people like me. Highly Recommend!"

Laine | Parenting Coach