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PRISM Conference

PRISM Conference Sales Funnel

PRISM Conference is an annual women's conference that takes place in South Florida. When PRISM first launched their conference it went great and women were raving about how incredible the weekend conference was. What those women didn't see though was how much stress, anxiety, and overwhelm the entire PRISM team was under because they were manually managing every single aspect of the conference. Julie, the founder of PRISM, knew that there had to be a better way to do this. She scheduled a call with us and we were able to deliver to her 1 Clear Message, 1 Website That Works, 1 Lead Generator, and 1 Fully Automated Email Camapign in Mailchimp. Now the PRISM Leadership team has more time to spend taking care of attendees and they can actually have fun during the conference because they know that everything else is automated and doing the work for them!

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